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Building on more than 40 years of helping others, Pippa is not only an experienced Reiki Master but she has been fortunate to have been trained by, and worked alongside Anne Jirsch, the leading world pioneer in Future Life Progression and Past Life Regression Therapy and Dr Kathy Forti, the creator of Trinfinity8.

Pippa is one of only twenty people in the whole world offering Advanced FLP or  Advanced Future Life Progression - a wonderfully relaxing and deeply beneficial process which helps you unlock great insights about yourself and your future so you can bring all the benefits into the present time. It can help you with an infinite range of issues from confidence to career direction. Pippa is also a certified Future Life Property Practitioner. To find out more click here.

Pippa is also one of only two, professionally trained, Therapists in the United Kingdom offering the incredible Trinfinity8 Algorithmic Rejuvenation Technology System - an astounding, cutting edge technology that can aid in many physical and emotional issues to improve your wellbeing in countless ways.
To find out more click here.

Pippa is delighted to be the first Therapist to offer the amazing new Ascension11 Higher Consciousness therapy to the United Kingdom. Ascension11has been created and developed by Trinfinity8's creator, Dr Kathy Forti. To learn more about this incredible new therapy click  here.

Click here. to access information about Past Life Regression Therapy and here. to learn about Environment Energising

Whatever your requirements, Pippa can help you create a better you. To find out more about all the services offered by Pippa at The Amber Room please visit our Services page here.

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