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Past Life Regression Therapy is based upon the now widely accepted concept that each one of us has lived many times before and that we carry through many disruptive patterns and issues experienced in those lives and, by identifying them, we can remove them and so stop their influence on our current and future lifetimes.

The concept behind Regression Therapy is that, from each moment spent on this planet, in our current life or our past lives, there is an imprint in our soul memory and ultimately in our DNA, of every experience on an emotional, physical or energetic level, So, for example, if someone dies of drowning in a certain life, there is a possibility they carry a fear of water in some way into their current life and future lives.
This knowledge can help us in our current life. Through gentle relaxation techniques, Past Life Regression Therapy makes it possible to not only uncover our emotions and soul memories but, also, to transform them from a negative memory to a positive memory or, if required, remove them completely.


We are also becoming increasingly aware of carrying genetic imprints and also subconscious issues from our childhood too, so Pippa doesn't just aid in accessing past lives but will help you to discover whether the issue that you wish to resolve, relates to a past life, your ancestral line (where we carry through many unhealthy patterns without understanding why) or from hidden and subconscious trauma right from birth in this lifetime.  When the root of your issue has been identified, it can then gently be released and healed.

Past Life Regression Therapy can be extremely helpful in cases of fears, phobias, unexplained pains or relationship issues. It is also possible to use Regression Therapy to find out the reasons associated with why a particular person came into our life and what is it that we are supposed to learn from their presence or absence. It can also uncover hidden talents and abilities. It gives a deep understanding of how things work on the soul level and enhances our ability to be able to forgive and forget the past and embrace a new future.

Through Pippa's careful and gentle guidance you will be able to gently travel back to the "time" and "circumstances" you most need to access to find the answers to your questions in your current life. Past Life Regression Therapy can also be combined powerfully with Future Life Progression to unlock the person that you will evolve into in a future life or ir this current lifetime.

Past Life Regression Therapy can be undertaken remotely via Skype and an 
initial discussion with Pippa will help identify the best approach for your individual situation and requirements.  

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