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I've known Pip many years and when she found out I was struggling with vocal chord paralysis she wrote to me and asked if I'd like to try something a bit different. Pip helped me through remote healings and face to face time when I was in the country. 


I'd been struggling for 6 months already and from THE DAY she started working on me I noticed things shifting in my body. Within 4 weeks I was recovered I'd say 96% after running at 15% for 6 months, I'd seen every top ENT surgeon in LA and London, oxygen therapy daily, acupuncture, steroidals, vocal coaches, antibiotics, every herb, tea and elixir imaginable and A LOT of money later - silence. Until Pip arrived. It was so noticeable immediately friends kept saying things like "Oh my God, It's so good to hear you again, I forgot what you sounded like!"

Emotionally was the biggest relief, as I got back my communication and could make phone calls and go to loud restaurants without having a panic attack. I could also do my job! A pretty serious requirement for an actor is one's voice! She also worked on the anxiety at the same time to calm me down from panicking I'd never work again after such a horrible virus damaged my nerves so badly.

She has a very special gift and fortunately is also one of the loveliest people I've ever met, and uses her gift to help others. All you have to be is open and she will take care of the rest. I don't question it, I don't know how or what she does exactly, all I know is that I'm strong again and firing on all cylinders and it's because of her." 



I discovered Pippa Jackson through a series of synchronicities which felt very fated, so I trusted that she would be the right person to help me with thyroid and gut issues. After just a few sessions using Trinfinity8 and Pippa’s other skills, my blood tests showed that I had to reduce my thyroid medication by 25%, as my thyroid was now working much better than it had; in fact, this was the first improvement in 5 years, despite trying many different modalities. Amazing.

After that I had a long Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression session with Pippa going back to a past life and seeing where the gut problems had begun, and then moving forwards to an optimum future life, where I saw myself as a radiant light being, scarcely solid. There were various elements of emotional baggage and ‘stuckness’ that Pippa helped me deal with along the way in order to reach that future self in 10 years time (when I will be 73!). She helped me navigate all this with enormous skill and sensitivity, and I felt completely safe and supported through the whole process, moving through centuries of time. It gave me a much more profound understanding of my soul’s journey, and the commonalities that stretched over lifetimes. Straight after this session I felt so much lighter and clearer, and back to a much healthier self from years ago. The details of what emerged in the session have stayed with me, and I keep going back to them in my mind, and finding inspiration from them.


It was an extraordinary afternoon, and one of the most profound experiences I can remember. I would highly recommend Pippa to anyone, whatever ‘ails them’. A lovely lady too



After nearly twenty years in the entertainment industry, my accounts receivables and unpaid residuals had reached unbearable amounts. There was little I could do beyond the legal and accounting measures that I had already taken and I was reaching the limits of my financial reserves. Pippa offered to work on me and my situation. I was very sceptical, I’m not a big believer in superstition, or new age philosophies. But, results do not lie or need excuses. After just a few weeks of Pippa working on me, and me following her instructions, the money started to roll in. Not just money owed to me, but new opportunities seemed to fall from the sky! In addition to the amazing work she does, she’s wonderful to work with. Supportive, friendly and genuinely interested in my life and always willing to seek out new ways to make my life better and happier. 



We first met Pippa when my wife undertook a Future Life Projection session. It was a great experience and she learned a lot from it – so much so that we’ve stayed in touch with Pippa ever since.  Fast-forward to Christmas – our daughter, Samantha, “had a cough” – or so we thought. She kept complaining of sore ribs which we put down to coughing too much and Sam being an eight-year-old prima-donna. But the complaints continued and crucially, chocolate, crisps and coca-cola were being refused – a sure sign that all was not well. As a precaution, we decided to take her to hospital.  Only to be told that Sam had pneumonia and had to be admitted to hospital – at once. So, having chastised ourselves for being the worst parents of all time, we had to – literally – cancel Christmas.

One of the things we’d planned was to meet Pippa and her daughter for dinner – I wrote to Pippa saying we couldn’t come and why (one of many emails saying the same sort of thing), but Pippa came back at once and asked if we’d “mind if she sent some healing to Samantha remotely.” All she needed was a photograph.  I was up for this – I’d seen the effect of the FLP on my wife and – truth be told – I hadn’t thought of this method at all as we were in a bit of a state. I forwarded the picture to Pippa.  Two days later, Sam was released from hospital with a clean bill of health. The doctors were confounded that she’d recovered so fast: whatever way you turn it, pneumonia is a serious illness and, even with all the medicines they’d given her, she responded “incredibly quickly” to quote one bewildered physician. They didn't offer any explanations other than to say it was "good" and "lucky" that she'd turned around in so short a space of time. I have no reservations in saying that Sam’s near miraculous recovery was down to Pippa’s work.  She’s a healer, a guide and a wonderful, kind, giving human being who we are honoured to call our friend."



I came across Pippa whilst researching the Trinfinity8 machine and I was strongly drawn to find a practitioner who uses this. Pippa’s website jumped out at me and, with its warm colours, is a very true reflection of who she is; incredibly warm, caring and highly intuitive, with immediate insight into one’s needs that is quite astounding. For me, it was an experience as if I had known her for a long, long time even during the first consultation. The issues that led me to find Pippa were complex and affected nearly every area of my life: finances, career direction, relationship difficulties to name a few. I wasn’t sure how to even start explaining the things going on. However, within the first 10 minutes of speaking, with her intuition and fast understanding it became clear to both of us that the energies of my home should be the first thing to address. Pippa asked me if I knew the history of past owners or circumstances, of which unfortunately I knew very little apart from the date the house was built and that it was originally two Victorian farm workers cottages which was now converted into one dwelling. Pippa picked up immediately that my house held a ‘master number 11’ identity in numerology and although this can be a good thing it will present challenges when things are out of kilter, which they most definitely were. After sending pictures of my house to her and also of me and my family, Pippa used her pure intent along with Trinfinity8 in a period of sessions, with harmonising energy projected into particular areas of my home. She worked on my husband’s office as his business had recently collapsed after 25 years, on my office as my own business abruptly ended and other pockets in the house where she correctly diagnosed dense energy. She requested further pictures of the Kitchen, where most arguments took place and my son’s Bedroom; a room where sadly many years of him being lost with a lack of direction had happened.  I had not mentioned these things to Pippa; she felt them with her intuition. Pippa asked me to remove some unused items from corners that she was working on and suggested a few changes to help the energy flow. Within a short while I noticed my own change, my worries disappearing and a feeling of optimism, my husband who has been very down and pretty depressed at times and prone to ‘black moods’ became calmer and more optimistic (and wonderfully no more serious arguments taking place). I can actually feel the change, a subtle but definite lightness about the house, everyone more in balance which is new and a new feeling of certainty that the changes have made opportunities for new things to come along. During the period of working with Pippa, a man came to the door and said that he used to live here. He wanted to take pictures of the house from the outside and had some very old pictures of his childhood taken here. He came in and had a look around and told us some stories and that the house had been in his family for 3 generations; almost a century. It appears that it was a happy home during that time. When I told Pippa this she said that this was not an unusual occurrence when energies of a house are cleared and worked on. She said it can draw past occupants to want to return to the property or missing items 

to "appear" unexpectedly amongst other things as they seem to literally "come out of the woodwork"!

I would recommend Pippa to anyone who is experiencing difficulties in any area of their lives. She is a wonderful person, selfless in her work with a beautiful energy that can give everyone hope when they need it.



Pippa at The Amber room has been working with my 4 year old son for 6 months now and we have seen tremendous progress in his development. Our son has severe Autism and after an initial discussion with Pippa we were keen to begin the treatment right away. Our main areas of concern were his speech and language delay, his overall development delay and his eyesight.

We started noticing results straight away; he wanted to interact with us and his play has become more meaningful. His speech and language have come along too and he is communicating with us which reduces the frustration that he previously had. We also asked Pippa to strengthen the squint in his left eye and with her completely remote treatment programme we were able to stop the daily patching that we had been doing for 2 years prior as advised by the NHS. The eye that Pippa worked on is now stronger than the other one.

Through Pippa's work and effort my son’s world gets a little bit bigger every day which allows him to develop in new areas, we are so pleased with his progress and cannot thank Pippa enough."



Pippa has changed my life! After three unsuccessful IVF attempts she worked her magic along with a special programme on the Trinfinity and my husband and I are over the moon as we just came back from our first scan to meet our new baby It's amazing, Thank you  thank you Pippa.



I have been completely astounded by the effect of the Trinfinity technology. I find the combination of fractals, music and the crystals to be deceptively powerful and the effects are subtle, far reaching and long lasting. Pippa Jackson enriches the treatment even further with her vast holistic experience and creates a unique and impressive treatment for a staggering amount of personal issues and is able to personalise the whole experience to your specific problems. As someone who will continue to use the Trinfinity8 through Pippa Jackson, I can fully recommend this amazing technology.


I was absolutely amazed by what I uncovered with Pippa's help about my life in five years' time. It has helped me to ignore the mis-directions in life that I might take and head in the directions that I discovered would bring me the happiness I saw. Already all the good things I saw are coming into my life. I really am bending time. I would highly recommend Pippa and many of my friends are already booking sessions with her. Thank you.


After many failed relationships I knew I had to do something to try to find out why they all ended in similar ways. Pippa suggested past life regression and I saw myself in several lives following the same patterns, she then aided me in "breaking" the pattern and we then briefly visited the future "me" which was fascinating. I am seeing Pippa again to break other destructive patterns and also to learn more about my futures. This is such a great therapy, I feel so much more confident.



I had a Skype FLP session with Pippa and it was awesome and fun. Gonna do more soon and even visit who I'll be in another lifetime. You gotta give this a go. 


I went to see Pippa after reading about the Trinfinity8 to help with my struggle with weight loss. With her understanding and gentle approach she made a protocol for me which is seeing my weight come off and my muscle tone improve when I was unable to lose weight. Pippa now sends the therapy to me remotely so all I have to do is relax I don't even have to leave home. It's amazing and such a lovely treatment. So glad to have discovered it.


I recently had the opportunity to take one of two jobs which I couldn't choose between. I didn't know which one to take so consulted Pippa for Future Life Progression after being recommended by a friend. She showed me how to access the possible outcomes for me if I took each job and it was fascinating to see that if I went with one job I would be happy but not fulfilled but with the other I was really happy and seemed to just smile. I have already accepted the job and start next week and I know that I have made the right decision.



I have struggled with chronic fatigue and stress and after only three sessions of Trinfinity8 (one via Skype while I was on a business trip) I find I'm sleeping better and I'm far less uptight. I intend to make this a regular part of my life as I think I deserve all the benefits it brings. I'm going to try some of the beauty treatments too and have bought my husband some sessions to help his thinning hair! :)​


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