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Future Life Progression is big news in the world right now. It was recently described as "the latest technique to take the world by storm". Expert Advanced FLP Practitioners such as Pippa are being consulted by everyone from Governments, major corporate companies and research units to movie stars and the military as well as anyone wanting to unlock access to any number of possible "futures" to bring them into the present. The incredible insights that Future Life Progression can offer can literally change your life.

The wonderfully relaxing technique, which takes you to a conscious dream state (you are not hypnotised), allows you to open your mind to the potential you have at your fingertips. Unlike Past Life Regression, which concentrates on your personal history and how certain events in your life, or past lives, have shaped your beliefs and circumstances in the present day, Future Life Progression takes you forward in time to a place where you can explore the possibilities that extend from your own creation and the paths you choose to examine and so can help you make better informed choices and help you explore alternatives.

Future Life Progression can allow you to see how your future could pan out dependent upon the choices you make and the paths you take. You may be able to experience how your life is , as well as the people you share your life with and the location that it all takes place in. You can find out about which career path to take, how to stay steps ahead of your competition, see your new home, speed up your future successes, discover ways to live more healthily and and even allow you to choose your own destiny. When you have discovered the best options for you, Pippa is able to facilitate you bringing all that knowledge back into your current time so that you benefit from the insights and knowledge with immediate effect rather than waiting years - you can, as Einstein discovered, bend time and bring the future to the present.

Pippa works closely with you beforehand to determine what  knowledge you want to access and the time scale and will guide you to a unique and intriguing insight into your future. FLP can be experienced via Skype with much success.

An initial discussion will help identify the best approach for your individual situation and requirements. 


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