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If you knew of a way to save time, energy and decrease the sheer legwork of finding your perfect home wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? At The Amber Room we are able, through the amazing technique of Future Life Progression, to assist you in unlocking a vast amount of detail about your future living or working environment.   Pippa is one of only a handful of Future Life Progression Practitioners who is fully certified as a Future Life Property Practitioner.  Our service doesn’t stop when you have discovered and purchased or rented your perfect home, Pippa has developed and created a totally unique energy cleansing system for your home (or workplace) called the Environment Energising Technique™ which combines state of the art mathematically-based energy alignment, Solfeggio sounds, Reiki, Healing Codes and use of crystals alongside pure intent, manifestation and intuition. 

We are becoming more and more aware of the importance of cleansing to keep our bodies working at their optimum.  We nourish them with the right foods, take exercise to keep us fit, however, few of us give the same level of care to our homes and everything within them. Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves, physically and energetically, and our energy vibration is constantly fluctuating and is affected by our surroundings. However, each time we come into contact with something or someone whose energy has a lower vibration than ours, it can also drag our energy level down. It has been proven that negative energy can literally make you ill, especially if you are exposed to it on a regular basis. Energetically, everything that occurs within a property - actions, emotions and thoughts - is held there like dust, imprinted on the walls, floors, and within furniture. Traumas, illnesses, upsets, arguments and other unsettling energies (or unwanted entities) can remain and disturb the harmonious balance of your home and pervade into your personal wellbeing. 

When the energy in your home or workplace isn't flowing properly it stagnates - causing all manner of problems such as depression, disagreements, ill health, lack of motivation, tension, frustration, and even financial loss. We have all had instances when we have walked into a room where the people have just had a major argument and although the squabble may be over, you can still sense it in the air – you have that sense of being able to "cut the air with a knife".  When you are house-hunting for a new home and you walk into a property your senses tell you instinctively whether it “feels right” or not for you.  This is because the previous occupants’ energies are left behind within the house when they leave.  Our energy systems detect this as the negativity has been imprinted into the home and if we are regularly surrounded by negative, low vibration energy, it can begin to sap our vitality on an ongoing basis and our energy system has a harder time trying to correct itself.  Therefore, a house cleansing, or space clearing as some like to call it, is vital to raise the vibrational energy and make everyone and everything within the home exist at their optimum best, in harmony and without illness or discord.

If you are bringing a new baby home you might spend a long time cleaning your home, painting and decorating the nursery but many forget to cleanse the room of its energies to make it energetically clean, welcoming and nuturing for your newest family member. After cleansing we have found that babies can sleep much better and have much calmer temperaments.

The Environment Energising Technique™ works equally well in working environments to create a more productive and harrmonious place to spend your working hours as mentioned above.

We believe each home and workplace is unique with its own particular issues which need to be addressed and so each Environment Energising Technique™ will be tailor-made to meet those needs. 

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